Wall destroyer Wiki

Buildings are items that gradually gain you more resources for buying more buildings/upgrades. Each building has an individual resource per second production and increase in price each time you buy one. Wall Destroyer currently contains 14 buildings, 6 of them being unlockable by purchasing specific upgrades. Each buildings damages the wall by giving cash/wall damage, except for the Brick Factory which only produces bricks. Reality Compromisers produces fourth wall bricks (base 0.1 fourth wall bricks a second) as well as attacking the wall. Buildings usually cost cash, but some of them require other resources.

Each building's price is calculated with the following formula, rounded to the nearest integer:

where M = number of that type of building currently owned.

Or, equivalently:

Therefore, the cumulative price for N buildings is calculated as a finite geometric series:

Icon Name Base cost Base damage Type Unlocked at Description
PuncherIcon.png Puncher 20 cash 0.1 DpS Melee building Punches the wall for you.
ClubberIcon.png Clubber 150 cash 0.5 DpS Melee building Not to be confused with the other kind of clubbing.
SwordsmanIcon.png Swordsman 1,100 cash 2.5 DpS Melee building Some question the use of swords on a brick wall. Those guys are lame.
GunshooterIcon.png Gunshooter 16,000 cash 30 DpS Ranged building Shoots his gun.
GrenademanIcon.png Grenademan 400,000 cash 500 DpS Ranged building A man with a grenade.
WreckingBallIcon.png Wrecking Ball 8,000,000 cash 7,000 DpS Heavy duty building Something actually meant for destroying walls.
BulldozerIcon.png Bulldozer 120,000,000 cash 80,000 DpS Heavy duty building Rams the wall. So good.
AirstrikeCallerIcon.png Airstrike Caller 5,000,000,000 cash 2,500,000 DpS Heavy duty building You know, the guy that calls airstrikes.
NecromancerIcon.png Necromancer 66,666,666,666 cash
1 brick
33,333,333 DpS Magic building Magic Mining purchased Raises dead wizards to destroy the wall with their dark magic. Requires bricks.
TitanIcon.png Titan 888,888,888,888 cash 250,000,000 DpS Magic building Summon Titans purchased We got the necromancers to raise ancient titans from the dead. They smash the wall with their giant fists.
DemonIcon.png Demon 666 bricks 3,666,666,666 DpS Magic building Dark Magic Mining purchased Defiles the wall with the darkest magic of all.
RealityCompromiserIcon.png Reality Compromiser 100,101,001,011,010 cash 40,000,000,000 DpS Dream building Reality Research purchased Enters reality code and removes the wall from existence.
BlackObliberatorIcon.png Black Obliterator 52,000,000,000,000,000,000 cash
52,000 fourth wall bricks
1,000,000,000,000,000 DpS Dream building Black Research unlocked Robots covered in The Black. They're really cool, so no one questions mixing the most dangerous & evil thing ever with cold, unfeeling robots.
BrickFactoryIcon.png Brick Factory 16,666,666,666,666 cash 0.05 Bricks per second Special building Deep Magic Mining unlocked Creates artificial bricks with dark magic. The wizards will never know.

The last 6 buildings requires specific upgrades to be unlocked. Each one of these upgrades are obtained by breaking one of the base walls.

Icon Name Unlocked at Price Description
Magic Mining.png
Magic Mining 1st wall destroyed 1 brick We need bricks to trade with the underground wizards for their secrets. Bricks are their most valuable resource.
Summon Titans 2nd wall destroyed 16 bricks The wizards are willing to raise titans from the dead to help destroy the walls. This is a good idea.
Dark Magic Mining.png
Dark Magic Mining 3rd wall destroyed 6,666,666,666,666,666 cash
66,666 bricks
Summons demons.
Necromancers and titans do 50% more damage.
We need to mine into hell with dark magic so we can make a deal with the devil to destroy the wall. Everything about this plan is excellent.
Reality Research.png
Reality Research 4th wall destroyed 404,400,040,440,040,440 cash
4,004,404 bricks
Unlocks reality compromisers.
Unlocks the 4th wall upgrade tier.
We have discovered with the breaking of the 4th wall that we are all inside a stupid idle game. Not even a real game! But we can use this knowledge to our advantage...
Black Research.png
Black Research 5th wall destroyed 42,000,000,000,000,000,000 cash Unlocks Black Obliterators.
We have discovered a substance in [REDACTED] that holds more power than anything we have ever encountered. We call it The Black because it is pitch black.
Deep Magic Mining.png
Deep Magic Mining 2nd wall destroyed 66,666,666,666,666 cash
6 bricks
Necromancers do twice as much damage.
Titans do 50% more damage.
Unlocks the brick factory.
The wizards are saying we shouldn't go this deep, but we found these cool dark magic tablets.