Icon Name Base cost Base damage Type Unlocked at Description
PuncherIcon Puncher 20 cash 0.1 DpS Melee building Punches the wall for you.
ClubberIcon Clubber 150 cash 0.5 DpS Melee building Not to be confused with the other kind of clubbing.
SwordsmanIcon Swordsman 1,100 cash 2.5 DpS Melee building Some question the use of swords on a brick wall. Those guys are lame.
GunshooterIcon Gunshooter 16,000 cash 30 DpS Ranged building Shoots his gun.
GrenademanIcon Grenademan 400,000 cash 500 DpS Ranged building A man with a grenade.
WreckingBallIcon Wrecking Ball 8,000,000 cash 7,000 DpS Heavy duty building Something actually meant for destroying walls.
BulldozerIcon Bulldozer 120,000,000 cash 80,000 DpS Heavy duty building Rams the wall. So good.
AirstrikeCallerIcon Airstrike Caller 5,000,000,000 cash 2,500,000 DpS Heavy duty building You know, the guy that calls airstrikes.
NecromancerIcon Necromancer 66,666,666,666 cash
1 brick
33,333,333 DpS Magic building Magic Mining purchased Raises dead wizards to destroy the wall with their dark magic. Requires bricks.
TitanIcon Titan 888,888,888,888 cash 250,000,000 DpS Magic building Summon Titans purchased We got the necromancers to raise ancient titans from the dead. They smash the wall with their giant fists.
DemonIcon Demon 666 bricks 3,666,666,666 DpS Magic building Dark Magic Mining purchased Defiles the wall with the darkest magic of all.
RealityCompromiserIcon Reality Compromiser 100,101,001,011,010 cash 40,000,000,000 DpS Dream building Reality Research purchased Enters reality code and removes the wall from existence.
BlackObliberatorIcon Black Obliberator 52,000,000,000,000,000,000 cash
52,000 fourth wall bricks
1,000,000,000,000,000 DpS Dream building Black Research unlocked Robots covered in The Black. They're really cool, so no one questions mixing the most dangerous & evil thing ever with cold, unfeeling robots.
BrickFactoryIcon Brick Factory 16,666,666,666,666 cash 0.05 BpS Special building Deep Magic Mining unlocked Creates artificial bricks with dark magic. The wizards will never know.
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