Wall destroyer Wiki

Each wall you destroy gives a certain amount of Cosmic Knowledge. Later walls give more than earlier walls.

After destroying the Fourth Wall, you can purchase the upgrade Time Rewinders for 1,000 fourth wall bricks. This allows you to use the "Rewind Time" button found in the Clickables section to convert Cosmic Knowledge to Future Knowledge Capsules. Rewinding Time is also known as "resetting" or "soft resetting".

When you Rewind Time, the following things happen:

  • All of your Cosmic Knowledge is converted into Future Knowledge Capsules. Having certain numbers of these unlocks Trophy upgrades, which increase your DpS in various ways.
  • Various Time Bear Ward upgrades also become available for purchase, depending on how many times you have Rewound Time, as well as how many Future Knowledge Capsules you have.
  • All of your buildings and resources (except the ones under "Prestige") are removed.
  • You lose the Time Rewinders and Black Research upgrades. You will need to re-purchase these before you can Rewind Time or buy Black Obliterators again. However, you keep all of your other upgrades.
  • You will start on the first wall again.

In earlier versions of the game, each wall gave the same number of Prestige Coins (which no longer exist). The dominant strategy involved resetting and destroying the first 5 walls over and over, as quickly as possible, to build up a huge number of Prestige Coins. In version 2.3, the rewritten Prestige system offers incentives to delay resetting (later walls are worth a lot more points).