Wall destroyer Wiki

General Information

It is the cheapest building in the game with 20 cash cost when you don't have any. It has 0.1 base damage so it is the weakest building in the game.


  • Gloves
  • Padded Gloves
  • Steel Platted Gloves
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Titanium Knuckles
  • Diamond Knuckles
  • Adamantium Gauntlets
  • [REDACTED] Gloves
  • Antimatter Gauntlets
  • The Fists of Destiny
  • Eternity Gloves

Magic Related Upgrades

  • Magically Enhanced Fists
  • Maganium Gauntlets
  • Black Hole Gloves
  • Black-Dipped Gloves

4th Wall Upgrade

  • Maximum Super Strength

Hand - Puncher Upgrades

NOTE: These both give a damage boost to manual clicking by a specific percent per puncher and a damage boost to the punchers.

  • Team Up
  • Come Together
  • Standing Ovation
  • The Challenge
  • Final Team Up
  • Ultra Team Up
  • Energy Draining

Wrecking Ball - Puncher

NOTE: These are synergy upgrades that increases wrecking ball damage per puncher and increases puncher damage per wrecking ball by specified percentages that could be learned from the upgrades explanation.

  • Wrecking Ball Fists
  • Coordinated Wrecking
  • Wrecking Ball Riders
  • Ultimate Fist Balls
  • Literal Wrecking Ball Fists
  • Wrecking Fists